You Know You Need An Online Strategy Plan When…..

Online Marketing Strategy PlanningIt’s an overwhelming online world out there, isn’t it? We take the good with the bad…we love information, new advancements, new technology….but we hate all the information, new advancements and new technology, right? Why is that? It’s because with so much noise out there, it’s difficult to decipher what we need specifically for our own business.

You hear how you need to be building your website, blogging, get out on Facebook. Yes, you should be on LinkedIn, Twitter and now Google+, start an email campaign and so on. BUT wait….you say “I don’t really know what I need!!! HELP!”

Here are 5 Tips to know when it is time to get yourself a strategy and action plan for your online marketing and branding.

  1. EVERYTHING feels like a priority! You are not sure what you need to focus on first nor what takes precedent before you implement a project until you started it and realized you should have created some other project first for support.
  2. You do not know where you need to me in 6-12 months. If you start or build it, they will come and that’s all there is to it, right? This is not always the case and understanding that you need to plan out a process to see where you want to be down the road is necessary so you can filter out all that noise.
  3. You are confused on how the different tools work together. Just because the tools exist, doesn’t mean you need to use everything, let alone at the same time. Understanding when is the best time to combine elements together for your specific business needs and personality can also help filter out the noise.
  4. You are trying to chase your competition. Very common action, but this can lead to starting projects, chaos all over the place or jumping into something too soon when you have not setup the right elements first. While it is a good idea to be familiar with your competition, you should evaluate whether what you see the others doing fits into your plans and meets your goals.
  5. You are stuck in the rut of push promotion. Relationship marketing has been around from the beginning, but we have been using it in the traditional sense. It can be confusing to move it online and seem unnatural and awkward. Online marketing has become about your social networking abilities, and there are some adjustments that should be considered before jumping in and pushing out a bunch of ads and promos without a plan. The last thing you want to do is annoy your clients and following with too much promotional information all the time and not enough helpful tips and advise.

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