You Get What You Pay For

If You Are Looking For Commodity Services, You Get What You Pay For

At least that’s how the saying goes, right? OK…now I do not mean to degrade commodity services nor any type of turnkey operation. There are very good services available in nearly every industry and often times they meet the needs of many consumers looking for that type of product. However, one should not confuse a commodity service business model with value-based services and in the case of marketing, relationship building services.


When you hear of a commodity service or product, it usually refers to a product or service used for economic purposes without consideration to outcomes or results. It offers the same benefits across the board for everyone that uses the product. Many turnkey or package planned services fall into this category and many are quite good for their intended purposes.

When it comes to marketing, businesses can purchase an affordable program or product to generate or manage their content for them and the product’s use is the same for that business or another. A firm can offer a reasonably priced turnkey approach to all of their client’s marketing, using the exact same package deals and membership levels available to all of their customers. These are general examples of commodity marketing services centered around the product and they are usually a great affordable option for what they do and what you pay.

In contrast, a value-based service is looking to meet a client’s custom needs. Often this type of service takes the relationship of the client and their audience into consideration and is an investment into a larger strategy. The service offered is customized to the client offering direct consulting and regular meetings to go over past work and future plans. When working in the digital and social media management realm, this means there is a partnership built around an ongoing relationship. Attainable outcomes are expected as well as adjustments to the process along the way.

relationship marketing


The problem arises when customers are looking for value-based results at commodity turnkey rates. Digital Marketing Management and Social Media Management are services that sometimes get all tangled up in the commodity versus value-based confusion and it’s usually based on price versus expectations. This is why it is important to understand what you are paying for up front.

If a simple turnkey package plan, will “get the job” done at a minimum price minus any need for long-term expectations then this option may be a decent choice. However, if you want and need to work with a firm that is based on building relationships and understanding your business’ marketing needs in order to build and execute a long-term strategy, a commodity based service and approach will likely NOT meet your needs.

You will want to look at your marketing budget and investment goals in order to choose the best option for your marketing needs.

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