Yes, I Crashed A Website or Two

Rarely do I ever have to contact the developer of a plugin for help, but with all of the WordPress gloom and doom and the updating frenzy these last few weeks, it was bound to happen. I admit, I have recently “crashed” two different website’s due to updating certain plugins. But I wasn’t worried. The sites were back up and running ASAP and here is why.

Website Crash

Part of the premium services we provide are regular monthly backups and maintenance. Not all designers/developers offer this service due to the time involved in troubleshooting issues. Some clients will pass on this additional service not aware of its critical importance and risk to attacks. However, we find it vitally important that our retainer clients’ websites remain healthy and avoid vulnerability to attacks. So we not only handle the administrative side of updating a site, but we also insure that we have Databse/Cpanel/FTP/Hosting access in case something does go wrong. Yes, it can be an involved process, but it is well worth it in the long run.

A good backup prior to updating gives us the most up to date working files so that if a site should crash due to a plugin or the framework, we can access the site outside of the WordPress admin area, delete the problem and re-upload the last file to at least get the site backup and running. If your webmaster is not backing up your site and does not have access to the back end, be sure to speak with them and make sure he/she has everything they need in case of an updating site error. There is nothing like not having the old files to re-upload, nor having immediate access to the site to fix a problem. Your site could be down indefinitely otherwise!!