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WordPress Security Fix Update


WordPress Security

Security researchers have found a vulnerability issue with the latest WordPress platform and WordPress has issued a security fix in its 4.2.2 update. As we have mentioned recently, it is important that you update both your WordPress platform and all of your plugins immediately in order to patch any breaks in the code that can allow your WordPress site to be attacked.

The 4.2.2 WordPress security update fixes 13 different vulnerability bugs that allowed anonymous users the ability to compromise a website. If you have not updated your site to the latest WordPress version and you have outdated plugins, we urge you to please updates as soon as possible to protect your website.

It is vital to BACKUP your website first before updating the WordPress platform and any plugins. Sometimes an updated plugin will become incompatible with other updated programs and take your site down. A good backup will allow the web developer to research the problem and re-install elements of the old backup in order to bring your site back up from a crash.

If you need assistance or questions about backing up and updating your WordPress site and plugins, please Contact Us immediately so we can begin the process of securing your site. If you would like to Hire Us directly to handle your backup and updating now, you can purchase our One-Time Backup service package below.

One-Time Backup & Updates

One-Time Backup and Updates include:

  • Backup Before and After Updates
  • WordPress Update
  • Plugin Updates
  • Minor Plugin Top Level Compatibility research (advance fixes additional cost)
  • Website Functionality Review
  • Deactivation of Incompatible Plugin if located
  • Final Report

By purchasing our One-Time Backup and Updates package, you agree to permit Allographics and their team members/contractors access to your website and required hosting accounts in order to complete the backup and updating process. In addition, you hold Allographics and their team members/contractors harmless if an update should affect the functionality or layout of the website beyond our control and due to a plugin’s update and/or WordPress update. Allographics will do their best to research and provide solutions to any update that should affect the site’s layout and functionality. Additional costs may apply to fixing advanced incompatibility and website functionality issues. Last update to this agreement: 5/09/2015

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