WordPress…Not Just For Bloggers

Customize & Control Your Website With WordPress CMS

WordPress.com is a very popular blogging website especially since it is free and a convenient template/theme generated platform. BUT did you know that WordPress.org offers another WordPress service, that allows you to download WordPress and install it on your own server so you can host your own blog and even better, host your own website? You can move both your content AND design anywhere you like and not be limited to themes and DIY hosting restrictions.

Yes, that’s right! WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to create custom blogs AND custom websites with or without the blog. It is so versatile that you can still use templates if you like, or modify a template but also design a custom html/css design around the WP CMS. This is why WordPress is Small Business Friendly and what we highly recommend to our clients that want Big Business features yet save on monthly web maintenance expenses.

Just think, your own template blog site or custom designed blog/website that you are in complete control of. WordPress allows users to create static pages as well as a blog. Users can edit both a blog post as usual but also create and edit their own static web pages as easy as using a word processors and some simple instructions.

Don’t want a blog as part of your website, no problem. Your business can use the WP CMS as a full website without the blogging features and look and if you would like to start g for your business in the future, the blog page can be opened with a few clicks of the mouse…it really is that easy. Plugins and widgets are the next great feature of WordPress. These little babies allow website owners to customize and change the look of their site.

With hundreds and thousands of WP developers around the world providing both support and development, you have your own web development community only a forum or tutorial away. Small Businessescan take advantage of this great resource and have a designer/developer create a custom website with Big Business features which have been cost prohibited in the past. Cutting out the middle man’s high cost custom CMS development and restricted webmaster updates gives small businesses the added value of working within a reasonable marketing budget for the future.

Don’t we all want to save especially during these tough economic times? Contact us and we can show you how to take your site to new levels when you are in control of your online marketing and website!Visit some sites that have been created on WordPress and you can see the versatility of your business having your own CMS:

Seminole Chamber of Commerce



NW OKC Chamber of Commerce

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