Women Business Owners are the driving force to our 21st Century economy.

WES Business & Leadership Conference Oklahoma CityWomen business owners make up over 25% of the total number of companies here in Oklahoma, just under the national 29% figures. With over 80 thousand Oklahoma business women across our state, we are driving force to our local economy and community.

Women make up over 50% of the available workforce and represent 66% of the global spending. These are powerful numbers that support the benefits of starting a business, a key to job growth and our economy. Oklahoma is a thriving state that supports small business and the opportunities for women business owners to succeed is growing every day.

However in order to nurture these potential leaders, more successful women business owners need to be seen and out providing support as role models in order to be a stronger driving force for Oklahoma. We need to be training and motivating women to grow their business and in turn also be there for one another.

Our goal at the Women’s Empowerment Series Business and Leadership is to provide women business owners with that fire and motivation and jump start a new way of thinking in your business. With 12 specialized speakers and trainers, the conference is designed to teach women how to rethink leadership and entrepreneurship and ways to brand and market in the evolving 21st Century.

We would love for you to join us here in Oklahoma City, at Hillsdale College Auditorium (Moore) October 29th 8:30am-5:30pm to experience a full day of training with other business owners from across the state of Oklahoma. Business owners working in the trenches just like you and want to pass along their knowledge and wisdom with practical tools to walk away with and implement immediately.

You can visit our website at TrainWithShane to learn more about the conference and register by clicking on the red Register Buttons.

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