Why Your Business Should Have a Website

I love this topic…why? It seems so obvious to me as a web and graphic designer, but I may take a lot for granted that everyone sees the answers as I do. So, I love this topic because I have the opportunity to help other businesses learn how to utilize the web to grow businesses.

My first response to why a business should have a website is that…in the age of online searching and advanced technology, your clients expect it. Are their businesses out there that have done well without the use of a website, possibly…but the vast majority of businesses will see increases interest in their business and potential increase in revenue if they can be found and offer a great online experience.

If your competition has a website, your business should highly consider one too. If they do not, your business can corner your industry market if you take advantage of the opportunity with a new website. You can stand out from your competition or become the expert in your area.

Unlike most brick and mortar offices or store fronts, the Internet is 24/7 365 days a year, bringing daily opportunities to you even when you are not “on the clock”. You can reduce phone calls and one-on-one inquiries with a website that provides helpful information about your business. Websites are affordable and cost effective and can save you marketing dollars each year.

The next time you are considering how to spend your marketing dollars, remember that a website can save you money as a long term investment for your business and give your customers what they are looking for on the Internet.