Why Realtors® Should Have A Facebook Business Page

Ever wonder if your friends are hiding your real estate posts or your latest announcement that you sold another home? Using your Personal Facebook Page for your real estate business could be costing you more than just Facebook Friends. You just may be throwing all of that time, energy and money right out the window by not properly using you account for business.

Now that Facebook permits you to hide annoying posts in News Feeds, constant listings updates may no longer be reaching people like you once thought. If you deleted your Business Page a while ago because you didn’t like the new lower reach, thinking that you could interact better with your friends, you may have lost the ability to reach both your friends on your Personal Page as well as fans from a Business Page. All of the momentum you may of had is now lost all around.

Before digging into why you should have a Business Page instead of using your Personal Page, let’s go over the basic differences between the two.

What is a Personal Profile Page?

  • Personal Pages, also known as Personal Profiles, are for individuals, not businesses, including your Real Estate identity. They represent individual people and must be setup using a person’s name.
  • Personal Pages allow up to 5000 friends as well as unlimited Followers for any public posts you would like to share.
  • Personal Pages give you the option of organizing your Friends into Lists so you can control who sees each of your posts.
  • You can request to become friends with another person’s Personal Profile, or accept/reject your own friends requests.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

  • Facebook Business Pages, also called Fanpages, look similar to Personal Pages. However, they offer Business Marketing Tools so you can manage your brand’s impact with your audience.
  • Business Pages are managed by admins who have Personal Pages and are assigned Rolls on how they can manage the Page.
  • Business Pages are not a separate Facebook account and are accessible using your Personal Profile account and “switching” from a personal identity to a business identity.
  • Business Pages can be placed into a special Business Manager account so that multiple people or agencies can manage a variety of marketing techniques, including paid advertising.
  • Business Pages also have a News Feed, similar to a Personal Profile page, but you have the option of interacting as your Business Page versus as you personally.

8 Powerful Reasons why you should use a Facebook Business Page versus your Personal Profile Page:

Be Searchable

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google index Facebook Business Pages along with its page content, which is important to growing your online presence.

Additionally, Facebook’s own Graph Search has extended searching options within Facebook making it even easier to find your page and posts based on topics and keywords.

Advertise Your Business Page and Posts

You have a variety of options to promote your page, website and even specific posts using the Ad Manager account associated with your Business Page. This cannot be done with your personal profile. Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the most robust, if not the best, specially targeted advertising methods available for marketing your brand and listings to a very large Facebook community.

Promos and Contests

With the use of a 3rd Party App, you can run special contests for fun and engaging interaction with your audience. Many of these custom apps are free; some are premium requiring a monthly subscription.

Many of the contest apps even give you the ability to run a random selection for contest winners within the app itself, no need transfer ids or emails over into a different system to choose a winner.

Interact as Your Business Page

Brands are becoming more and more engaged as a Brand. You can increase your online presence on Facebook, by commenting, replying, liking and sharing on other Business Pages using your own Business Page.

If you have multiple admins with different rolls, you also have the ability, when signed in as the admin, to see who posted each update as well monitor the pages daily activity on other Business pages.

Scheduling Updates

Facebook now allows you to schedule your updates using its own built in scheduler. You no longer need to use third party toosl to schedule your posts, allowing you to gain better reach and overall engagement versus dealing with the 3rd party tool manager penalization.

Call-To-Action Extra Tabs

Facebook allows Business Pages to add additional Tabs to the standard page setup. Each page comes with the standard Photos, About, People, Likes, and Reviews apps, but you can add your own.

Custom Tabs can be created for a Landing page, Pinterest embedded board, Email Signup, Form, Survey, Mini Website and so many more extras to help promote your brand.

Facebook Metrics

Facebook Business Pages come with their own built in metrics manager called Insights. You have the ability to monitor your audience based on post interactions, page demographics and even compare your pages activity to your competitor.

Insights is nearly live data right at your fingertips, allowing you to tweak your activity based on analyzing your numbers for better marketing reach. You can also download your statistics for long term planning and managing your marketing strategy.

Multi-Admin Manager Control

With a Business Page, you can assign multiple administrators with different rolls. This avoid the need to give out your personal page login information and allows your Business Page to be setup and managed professionally.

By having a Business Page for your real estate career, you expand your ability to reach more sellers and buyers. You can still share your Business Page posts on your personal page occasionally, but the vast majority of your posts and listings can be better experienced over on the Business Page.

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