Why Did I Get Into Business Networking?

NW Oklahoma City Heart Link Women's NetworkingI guess I could start by saying that everyone including my business coach told me that  I needed to get out and network. That’s really the beginning, but once I started, not only could I see the benefits…I started to get the hang of it and now I network face-to-face on average 3 times a week…and enjoy it!

One of my first networking events I was invited to, was a Heart Link Network Event geared specifically for women. I had been interested in finding a group that was industry exclusive with that just right fit and I found it with a wonderful group of Heart Linked business women.

To complement your online marketing, small businesses need to be making connections off line too. Sometimes attending large open events with several people may not be what is best for your personality, your industry or allow you to make those deep connections with other business owners interested in helping you grow your business as well as their own.NW Oklahoma City Heart Link Women's Networking

By attending a more dedicated group of referral conscious individuals, you can grow your own contacts while also learning how to navigate the networking arena in a compfortable environment. I believe this is the reason many women do enjoy attending the Heart Link Network events due to this close bonding business experience.

As the months cruised on by and I attend my share of networking meetings and decided which ones were the best fit for me, I decided to finally start my own. I had no doubt which direction I wanted to move in…I became an Area Coordinator with Heart Link myself and joined the growing networking events in our area. I still attend my sister coordinators’ events while holding my monthly meetings and growing our connections in the North West Oklahoma City area.

If you are interested in stepping out of the office and meeting other like minded business women and would like to grow your connections, visit a Heart Link Network event in your area. The attendees enjoy a lite catered meal, usually during the lunch time, and each business presents their industry for 3 minutes while passing out any marketing materials they like. We all have the opportunity to connect further with one another after the meeting officially ends my speaking with another attendee at the meeting or scheduling an appointment outside of the group.

If you would like more information about our NW OKC Heart Link Event, please contact me at angela [at] allographics.com and I will send you some information. If you would like to register directly for an event, please visit our website NW OKC HLN for dates and times. Since all events are industry exclusive, please contact the coordinator first to check on your available industry for that event.