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When Are Your Fans Online?

Over the years, much has been written on what is the best time to post on the variety of social platforms. Many have done studies providing helpful tips, but mostly based on general findings that, although great information, may not meet your own business market findings.

Facebook introduced Insights to us a while back, but they recently updated their own metrics to provide more….ah hum…”insight” into the activities of your fans. One of the new features of the Updated Facebook Insights demonstrates a chart of when your fans are online and active on Facebook.

Facebook Fans Online

This can be very helpful information if you like to use Facebook to help increase engagement, hitting the peak time of day YOUR fans may see your updates in their feeds. Facebook has also announced that they will be making changes to their EdgeRanking algorithm, which may OR may not change how you and when you post your updates as you also compare when your fans are online.

Whether or not the new algorithms have an effect on your Facebook Marketing and social interaction, you now have better tools to monitor you specific marketing tactics knowing when what time of day your fans may see your updates more often in their feeds.

It is still crucial to measure and compare your end results, like conversions to your website, coupon downloading, email signups and eventually how those all translate into more sales down the road. But you now have an addition bit of information that may enlighten you to what is the best time to post your updates when your fans are online.