Websites 101 Domains and Hosting

What is the difference between a Domain Name & a Hosting Account?

  • A domain name is your website’s address name located in the URL address. It is unique to your brand, name, company or product/service. You register a domain name at any number of companies like HostGator or BlueHost for a period of time say 1-3 years and you must re-register at the end of that time period or risk of someone else registering the name. You can move your domain name to any hosting account you like or own it without hosting.


  • Hosting is a subscription service where you “house” your website (Domain Name) and it is located on a large multi user server with a database that stores your site’s design, content, files and data. Hosting subscriptions can also be purchased in yearly increments or per month. You can move your site to different hosting accounts whenever you like. If you have agreed to a long term subscription, you can usually still move your hosting, but you may lose any payments for hosting that you paid up front.

Choosing the right domain name for your business and website is important since you want to be consistent with your brand, but also take optimization into consideration. Length of the domain name, how the letters sit next to one another and how easy it is to remember are just a few issues to take into consideration.

When choosing your hosting, the cheapest is not always the best. Do your research. Over selling accounts is a common practice with many hosting services and some hosting services do not monitor full servers well. Too many accounts on one server will slow down your website. Check the reputation and customer service of the company you are interested in hosting with and see their track record on how slow their hosted websites may be and how well they deal with customer complaints and tickets. Last, be sure the hosting account you sign up for can support your needed platform the best. As WordPress developers, we highly recommend the hosting accounts listed above for the best WP support and functionality.

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