Web Design/Development & Social Media

Would you like to update your own website? Integrate a blog directly into your website and stop sending visitor away from your website? Are you ready to combine your website with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter? A web designer and developer is a perfect resource to help you jump start your online branding and marketing so you are in control of your business.


 Both web design and social media have evolved over the years and now, they both go hand in hand with your online branding and marketing. It only makes sense to seek out the expertise of a designer and developer to build your tools together. New web technologies now allow for smooth integration of your website with many social platforms, and more and more those same platforms are allowing for customization that requires code knowledge your designer/developer is already trained in.Web designers know how to create call to action Fan Pages, SEO your Fan Page, SEO your website, integrate code into your website to stream your updates and tweets, brand your sites with appealing and brand effective graphics, educate you on how to use and manage your social networks to build traffic and revenue.

Working directly with a web designer avoids miss communications and will also save you time, money and frustration in the long run since you will work directly with the designer instead of being outsourced through a middle person if you are using a virtual assistant unfamiliar with the latest technology.

So when considering who to turn to when you are ready for a website upgrade and integrating social media into your branding and marketing strategy, contact a web designer and developer that specialized in social media and its technology.