Want More Visibility of Your Facebook Updates?

Facebook’s algorithms, EdgeRank, effects how visible your posts are to Facebook users. A low EdgeRank will keep your posts from showing up on your Fan’s news feed. What can you do to help boost your EdgeRank?

  • Build Strong Relationships:
    • Interact often with your Fans
    • Build relationships by sharing, commenting and liking other Facebook users
  • Engage Your Fans:
    • The more interaction on your Fan Page, the stronger your EdgeRank
    • Ask question, take polls, post pictures/videos for feedback
  • Continuous Updates:
    • You must post updates on a regular basis for stronger EdgeRank
    • Create regular updates to encourage more interaction more often

Facebook is looking for interaction, relevant conversations, and engaging relationships. The more you give Facebook these elements, the higher your EdgeRank and the more often your updates will show up in your Fan’s wall feed. Refrain from over pushing ads, propaganda and sales as these can harm your visibility and hurt your EdgeRank overall.