Timeline for Facebook Brand (Fan) Pages is HERE!

Well not quite yet across the board yet, but you can manually switch over to the new Timeline for Brand Pages before the massive automatic changeover on March 30th. Facebook pulled a fast one during the early morning hours by notifying Fan Page admins of the new available Timeline. The social media circle  will have plenty to talk about today with this new announcement and the Facebook Marketing Conference later today. There has been much speculation and Timeline Facebook Brand (fan) Pagesconcern about a new look to Fan Pages and many legitimate issue developers have had about custom tabs and landing pages to creating new graphics for clients.

Finally, we have more information and we can all be prepared for the switchover during the month of March. No doubt many will be testing out the new Preview Features, creating their new Cover Photo and learning more about the Admin Panel.

Let review some of the new features, some expected and now many questions answered.

  1. New Cover Photo: The large cover photo many of us have become familiar with on our personal profiles will also be available on Brand Pages. Great visual branding and marketing opportunities for businesses.
  2. New Thumbnail Profile Picture: Just like the cover photo, this is a continuation of the personal profile Timeline we are use to seeing.
  3. New Brand Messaging: Now Brand (Fan) Pages will have it’s own messaging platform!
  4. More Prominent Navigation Tabs: So many of us wondered how Facebook would handle the leftside navigation tabs, and fortunately they will remian as part of the new Timeline for Brand Pages, but with a more prominent location and drop down menu feature. Brand pages will be able to customize up to 12 tabs for this feature.
  5. New Timeline Layout: Again just like personal profiles, the new layout will feature the two column Timeline layout we have been using for a few months on personal profiles.
  6. New Admin Panel: Facebook has kept the Admin page, but consolidated many of its features into one location. We will review the Admin Panel in our next blog post, part 2 of Timeline for Facebook Brand Pages.

Want to review Facebook’s Tour? Learn more about the new Timeline for Brand Pages Rules…things have changed!


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