They are “Talking About This”: Facbook Fan Page Metrics

Are you still trying to figure out what the new “talking about this” means on your Fan Page’s left sidebar? You are not the onlFacebook Fan Page Talking About Thisy one. It’s Facebook’s way of letting you and your fans know of your Fan Page influence.

Admins can monitor more user metric on the insights page in more detail and this is crucial to understanding your marketing strategy. Some of the activities that influence your numbers are listed below, but always keep in mind your goal is to create content that is engaging and helps build your loyal fan base. Numbers are a great way to measure, but don’t forget about the social interaction you want to develop to increse these numbers.

Facebook States: “People Talking About This”, indicates how many people are actually talking about your business to their friends.

  • Page LIKEs
  • Fan Postings
  • Update and Comment Likings
  • Commenting
  • Question Responses
  • Page Mentions
  • Event Activity
  • Photo Tagging
  • Sharing
  • Checkins