The Perfect Facebook Post

Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Post

How can your Facebook Posts stand out more and be seen by more people? Salesforce has put together a diagram of the Perfect Facebook Post and some of the strongest features. Whether is be the right length of characters, the perfect photo size, engaging content and questions, the belief is that you we can improve what our Facebook Posts look like.

Take your posts further by monitoring your built in Facebook Insight metrics and how people are engaging on your pages. Remember that most people do not visit your Fan Page wall as often as they see your posts in their news feeds, especially vie mobile devises. You want to meet those demographics more often for stronger reach and interaction.

Intrestingly, if you have been posting very large photos, consider cropping your images to a standard 300 x 300 pixel photo. Monitor your insights over time to see if your reach and engagement should increase. Since mobile viewing is so popular, the smaller standard size is easier to view on the smartphones, where the majority of people see your Fan Page from.  I would be interested in hearing if this one change makes a difference in your metrics.


Perfect Facebook Post

 Infographic Courtesy of SalesForce


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