The New SEO – Social Media Optimization or SMO

Social Networks have changed the search engine world and businesses need to rethink how they leverage the combined use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  and SMO to gain a stronger presence on the Internet, or be left in the wind as competitors rush past. An online marketing strategy or SMO strategy can help businesses better understand the directions they should move in to secure the best SEO and SMO for their website and online presence.

The social web has enhanced the ability to brand and market your business well past what a static billboard website has done the past several years. Search engines love those social platforms and help with stronger visibility by looking for that relevant content most found within the social networking platforms. Facebook constantly out performs Google as the most visited site on the Internet as well as time spent by each visitor, so it is no wonder how important SMO is now to online marketing. Hitwise, PTY.

The Nelson Company conducted a 2009 study showing that 18% of searches begin on Wikis, blogs, and popular tools like Facebook and Twitter! Social Media and the numerous tools used to network on the web are quickly becoming THE search tool of today. According to another Nelson Study, Facebook and Twitter have experienced a 69% and 45% growth of user activity from March 2009 to March 2010 clearly showing how popular these platforms are to socializing on the net. Facebook’s own ads campaign is so well targeted that it rivals other previous popular Internet campaigns due to Facebook’s ability to better target it’s users interests and offers lower rates.

With the advancements in live search feeds and well targeted ad campaigns on many SM platforms, there is no doubt that the Social Web is changing how businesses gain a strong presence on the Internet. The key is, they still have to get involved.

Many businesses are hesitant to start a Social Media strategy not understanding how their business can benefit from this new technology. Many do begin by opening accounts, yet without any strategy plan, they quickly give up not understanding the long term commitments and benefits. Some resort to outsourcing or automating their social networking, loosing trust and creditability with followers deeming such methods useless to growing relationships and the well needed interaction live feeds and SMO desire.

There is no doubt to web developers, online marketing companies, and social media strategists, that planning out your website redesign and technology updating begins with integrating New Social Media into your online marketing strategy. Combining your Website with Blogging, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and other popular SM tools into a business’ overall planning requires rethinking the concept that they do not have the time to invest in their business’ online marketing and social media.