Steve Lovelaces’s Corporate States of America

What do you think? Not only do we recognize a brand by their logo, do we also associate it with a state? Many of the logos and brands listed below are synonymous with the state is represents, like Harley Davidson with Wisconsin – L.L. Bean with Maine and Hershey’s with Pennsylvania.

Kudos to Steve and his creation. It brings light to an important topic as social media and the internet grow.  I believe his concept that we are becoming a nation of consumers and citizens that associate our connections with corporations instead of our neighbor next door is quite accurate. Being from Wisconsin myself and with a long time family connections to Maine, I can identify with this feeling.

What about you….as an Oklahoman, can you identify with the Sonic Logo or is there another one you believe embodies the corporate connection in the Sooner State?

Steve Lovelace Corporate States of America
Via Maps on the Web Credit: The Corporate States of America Made by Steve Lovelace

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