Social Media and the Manufacturing and Trade Industry

Manufacturing and Trade Social MediaManufacturing businesses may have been waiting on the sideline to see how they could incorporate social media into their marketing. As social networking becomes the norm for businesses others, like manufacturing companies and trade services may not initially see how they can use Social Media for their company since the connecting topics may seem dry.

Whether manufacturing and trade companies would like to build customer relationships, offer better customer service or help educate their audience there are a few tools that help these companies jumpstart into the social Internet world.


Companies can add a blog to their current website if it is not already built into the site’s framework depending on the programing or consider using a seperate blog. We do recomend keeping your blog on your website, but if this is not available the later choice will still help.

By creating a blog, the manufacturing company has the opportunity to create and share content that can be archived and organized for visitors. By offering content about advice, tips and education, the company can provide a valuable resource for potential customers in learning how they may like to use the service or product.

Blogging for your company offers your brand the opportunity to become the expert and voice for your business.


YouTube is a great visual information sharing tool that is often overlooked by the manufacturing and trade industries. Without marketing your product “In Your Face” style, these comapanies can offer how to and helpful tutorials on specific products and introdue new release information.

Yes, you can hire a professional videographer for special recordings, but you can also use simple mobile and hand held devices to share quick impromtu recording that can quickly be uploaded to YouTube and posted on your various online mediums.

Don’t over estimate how a branded YouTube Channel can both bring your brand and product to your audience’s eyes and ears.


Why not extend your website and blogs reach while also driving traffic to your site. Another way to share your brand and keep your company in the loop is to also provide an additional way to connect with your company and intereact via a Business/Fan page on Facebook and open chat on Twitter.

Mico blogging has become an easy way to provide ongoing, quick customer service while also sharing the content created on YouTube and your website. The key is that you want to share content, interact and promote very little.

Each of the tools are great for brand awareness and when they are used together, increase your presence on the internet. By branding your manufaturing and trade industry online you help brand your company, drive traffice to your site and ultimately increase your sales. Remember, as well as all these tools are by themselves or together, too much push marketing instead of interaction and sharing can sabotage the best social strategy. Be sure to have a plan in place so your strategy does not get hung up on unknowns and defaults to pushing out promo updates.

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