So You Want More Fans!

Get More Fans Oklahoma Social MediaHow Can You Get More Fans, Likes & Followers?

Top questions I am asked all the time…how can I build my fanbase and get more fans and likes? My response? You need to be using a combination of tools, many which take you off the social networks and allow you to connect on a variety of levels.

You cannot hide out on the computer all day, nor only count on your online networks to put yourself in front of people. Instead, develop a strategy of using multiple resources to build your exposure.


Tips On Getting More Fans, Likes & Followers:

Print Marketing:

  • All your print material, cards, brochures, flyers should have your social network ids listed.


  • When you are out networking and handing out your business card, remind people that you are on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and invite them to connect with you there. Be sure to tell them about anything special you offer for those that connect with you via these networks.

Email Marketing:

  • Just like Print Marketing, you can build more fans with your email signature by including your social ids. Your emails should contain a live link to your social network accounts with a Call To Action (CTA) inviting them to connect. Make it easy – if your program allows, use a graphic icon with a live (hyperlink) link that opens in a new browser window.


  • When you hold a seminar or webinar, include your social id accounts on your presentation slides, tell people at the beginning where they can connect and give a final reminder at the end of your presentation. If you record and post your video online like YouTube, include a link to your sites, or provide an overlay of text on the video at intervals.

Content Building:

  • In order to keep people coming back and to encourage them to follow and like you, you need to provide quality, fun and relevant content to show value in why they should engage with you on your social networks. Offer incentives like coupons, special deals for only social connections, give early release information or inside tips not found elsewhere.

Website Development:

  • Place your social network icons on your site and better yet, use an interface that allows people to connect with your social networks on your website without ever having to leave it. Place share/like buttons on you site so your visitors can share your content to their followers and your content goes viral.

 Talk and Ask:

  • Anytime you are out and about, tell people that you are on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube and so on. Don’t just tell them, ask them to stop by and drop a hello and even ask some questions to encourage interaction. You don’t have to be at an official networking event to remind people to connect with you socially and many times both parties will forget.

Paid Advertising:

  • Whether you use Google, Facebook or other online advertising platforms, you can build an online advertising campaign inviting people to Like your Fan Page, follow you on Twitter or connect with you on LinkedIn. Your can target your audience on a variety of demographics so you reach the right market you want to interact with more.


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