Sneak Peak Into The Creative Mind

Creatives Unite

As a creative person that relays on a variety of inspirational outlets to feed my cravings, do you ever feel that your “voice” is constantly being challenged or even squashed by non-creatives’ inability to understand your creative thought processes?

I’m not referring to creative mind blocks that temporarily silent your visions or even trying to verbally describe your concept to a client. Rather the mis-conception that creatives must fit the mold of linear mainstream thinking, or that creative critical thinking has no place in the process of monetizing one’s talent and skills.

Granted…if you are a creative freelancer or business owner, there is a portion of your business process that does require a left brain approach like accounting, taxes and contracts. But outside of this, creatives are always thinking in multifaceted directions and even in different planes at the same time. Building one concept off of another is heaven to a creative mind…a playground of entertainment that feeds more creativity.

To try and box in a creative’s thinking process into a stringent  systemized checklist of do’s and don’ts can spell disaster for a creative’s ability to keep their mind open and vision clear for inspiration and focus. Push a creative’s mind to cram itself into a one way pigeon holed “this way only” attitude will shut down that creative’s ability to create fresh new ideas, a skill and talent that every client and employer depends on for unique concept building.

A good portion of the creative mind is hankering for the opportunity to strategically meander in multiple directions, fork in the road of thought, dip down into a gully of abstractness and bank into an innovative bright light of inspiration. If a creatives’ work environment is not condusive to new ideas and imagination, their ability too come up with fresh and innovative work will be greatly reduced and potentially hamper a project.

It’s this need for the most effective creative work environment and open acceptance of creatives’ desire for inspired outlets that has spawned Lego filled collaborative imagination rooms versus board rooms. Open work “offices” of desks piled high with figurines, toy dart guns and toy cars have replaced endless isles of cubicles.

The open studio work environment for creatives and those that work closely with them has evolved into a whole new business environment that recognizes that creativity is not limited to creatives. Creativity is contagious and as more people realize how benificial the creative mind is to nearly all portions of a project, the more the creative ability can be understood and integrated into the overall project management. To work closely with creatives is to learn a new unspoken language of understanding and appreciation for the a creatives’ eccentric thinking process.


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