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Cross Sharing, Bulk Uploads and 3rd Party Apps Are Tempting, But…

Want more engagement with your social media? Then stop cross sharing, bulk uploading or queuing up your content in 3rd party apps. That’s how simple it is, but the practice of undoing what has been taught to us for saving time is a hard routine to break. Why? We seem to think that because we don’t have time to dedicate to social media marketing, that we must find the shortest pathway to making it easier. But those shortcuts could be costing you and your brand’s image.

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During Social Media Marketing’s infancy not only was your reach greater, but so was the engagement. Any tool you used to help save you time was given equal weight for your audience to see your posts and tweets. With the change of better metrics and advertising opportunities, those days are long gone, and so should be the practice of cross sharing, bulk uploads and use of 3rd party apps.

The main reason for not using these shortcut methods any longer is that they keep YOU from truly engaging with your audience and being there “live.” And guess what? Your followers know when you are not there in person and only pushing content. First, trying to be everywhere at the same time is an overwhelming task, each social platform has it’s own flavor and community style. Twitter is very inviting for several short posts, shares and retweets per day, but Facebook users get aggravated by too many posts per day and updates cross promoted from other platform. Additionally, trying to make all of your content posts the same for all your social platform is nearly impossible due to character restrictions, image sizes, thumbnail variations as well as how the content is seen.


There is not one single tool that can accomplish all that you like for all platforms. Yes, there are some that come close, but they still cannot give you the same full features compared to using the native platforms themselves. Besides, by “forcing” yourself or your team/staff to use each native platform to post content, it pushes you to log into each account and monitor and engage with your audience regularly and provide quality customer service as needed.

There are tools available that permit you to see multiple account at the same time so you can engage, but those same tools also have built in tools that allow you to cross promote which is very temping. Depending on your social strategy, where you want to post to and from and how much content you intend on sharing daily, there is room for very limited cross promoting, bulk uploads and the use of 3rd party apps, but it should be very limited and with a strategy in mind. Not your entire method for social media marketing.

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