The Risk of Not Backing Up Your Website

Website BackupsToo many website owners are leaving their website open for disaster by not backing up their website’s content AND database. That database is what contains your site’s framework and design.

It goes without saying that nothing is 100% fool proof and things happen. Not backing up your website, at least after a major update and upgrade, could be leaving your business wide open to loosing all of your content, images, and even you entire database.

Not only are backups crucial, but so is updating your programs, plugins, and themes regularly. A simple update to a plugin could render your website down for the count and if you haven’t a backup copy of your site….you may have lost everything you depended on for running your business online.

So, not only are backups important, so is maintaining your website’s programs. Before you update any program, plugin, or theme you should always do a backup so you have the last saved rendition of your site before it stopped working. By having a good backup, if your site should go down due to an update issue, incapability or server problem, you know you have a recent copy of your site that you can use to upload when things working again.

Available Backup Maintenance

  • Plugin Updates
  • Program Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Basic Compatibility Check
  • Basic Compatibility Research
  • Spam Control
  • Login and Site Traffic Monitoring
  • Pre-Update Backups
  • Post-Update Backups
  • Monthly Backups

If you own a WordPress website and believe you are at risk with an outdated site, outdated programs, and no backups, talk to us on how we can give you peace of mind with our maintenance package. The risk of not backing up your website is too big to chance for your business.