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The day has arrived when you can no longer ignore that outdated web design. Whether it’s a new look, new graphics, improved SEO or a better updated style, one important element you now want to make sure your website has is a responsive mobile ready function. Test your site to learn if it is Mobile Friendly.

It’s been the buzz topic and trend in web design for the last 3-5 years, but Google just upped the game, making it a more important element to your digital footprint with the April launch of Mobile Friendly Labels. Not only will a simple Google search bring back the latest listings with a special Mobile Friendly label next to the search results, but now websites that are not mobile friendly will slowly loose rankings in the search results as Google’s algorithms begin to give priority to websites that are responsive mobile ready.

Responsive Mobile Friendly websites have an additional feature that allows the site to adjust to a variety of device sizes for tablets and smart phones either in the portrait or landscape position. Of particular importance, are websites that are easy to navigate on mobile smartphone devices so visitors no longer have to “pinch-and-stretch” the site in order to read or click on content.

Additional mobile friendly features include centered scrolling content sections, enlarged images and text, convenient navigation, easy to click text or image links, non-flash animations/videos, immediate information at your fingertips like phone numbers and easy to fill-out and submit online forms.

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Benefits of Responsive Mobile Web Design

  • Convert More Leads/Sales

87% of internet users access the web using their mobile device. If your website is not mobile friendly and easy to navigate, you will lose out on reaching a large number of potential buyers.

  • Reduce Cost

Businesses save money by having only one responsive website developed compared to two different designs, one for desktop and one for mobile use.

  • Increase Search Engine Visibility

Google is leading the Mobile Friendly priority rankings trend. Although Google is the number one search engine, that doesn’t mean others like Yahoo and Bing are not important. It is only a matter of time before all search engines follow their lead and you can expect mobile ready to be built into future algorithms across all formats.

  • Improve User Experience

Mobile users are time-conscious savvy consumers. They want to know that they can quickly open up a website and find what they want in a matter of seconds. If your website is not mobile friendly, they will not want to take the time to pinch and stretch or even have to scroll sideways in order to buy and item, fill out a contact form or learn more about your business.

In order to update your digital presence and the take advantage of the latest technology, you need to update your website to a responsive mobile design. Not only will your customers appreciate the new look and feel of a mobile website, your bottom line will thank you too!

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