Reason #7 Your Facebook Marketing May Not Be Working

You Are Automating Your Updates Too Much

Don't Automate All Social MediaThis is a HUGE issue with us!! There is nothing that speaks louder of disengagement than seeing a Fan Page loaded with scrolling auto updates from Twitter and ZERO interaction!!

Although there is value in automated multi-content distribution…this practice should be controlled and limited for your Fan Page updates. Automation is not for every online marketing tool and should still consist of human interaction. Why?

  • Many Facebook users highly dislike seeing unresponsive scrolling 140 character updates with the Twitter icons on  your Wall or in their News Feed. It’s too restrictive for the FB Fan looking for more from social engagement.
  • Often times brands that are using automation forget that they still need to respond to their fan’s comments or they rely on canned quotes, statistics and too much product broadcasting instead of relationship building. By depending too much on automation without following up with the real you, your business misses out on the main reason for using social media.
  • What and when you post on Twitter may not be what is best for your Fan Page updates. Twitter is great for frequent conversations and updates, where as your brand may only want to update Facebook 2-3 times per day at the most and then follow up on responses.
  • If you are using Twitter, you are NOT on Facebook and your Fans can see this and know where your interest may be when it comes to authenticity and relationship building, especially when they only see blasted out updates from Twitter and no interaction.

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