Reach More Fans Without Paying A Dime

There is so much talk about Facebook’s lack of page reach or that many users are overwhelmed with so much noise in their News Feeds. What many users may not realize is that they have a lot more control of how they want to see content from their favorite Pages. As a business on Facebook, you may not realize that their are a couple of ways your users CAN get your updates without resorting to gimmickry and boosting all of yours posts.

dimesYes, it is true that Facebook Business Pages are no longer getting the exposure they once received during Facebook’s initial launch of the Business Pages and prior to our ability to advertise extensively. It is also true that although users talk about how much they want to reduce the noise and overwhelming content seen in their personal News Feeds, they still want to be connected to Business Pages that post relevant content.

Facebook users want to have their cake and eat it too and they can! It’s just that they also want to have more control of the flavor of mix and icing and when THEY want to eat it. Well they can and it is up to you as a Business Page owner to let your loyal followers understand how THEY can continue to receive your valuable updates without fighting all the noise in their regular Timeline News Feeds.

Below is a short tutorial you are welcome to share with your own Followers to help demonstrate how they can organize and manage their Pages’ News Feeds and see all of your Page’s updates. What is great about this option is that not only do your Fans have the ability to see ONLY the updates from the Business Pages they have liked separately from their regular News Feed, but they can also organize their Liked Pages into Interest Groups for a narrower niche of Feeds.

How To Access and Organize Your Pages’ Feed

  1. The first step to accessing your Liked Pages’ Feed is to click on their Home link on you Personal Timeline account, located in the upper right hand side of the top blue bar.
  2. Once the Home page window opens, you will notice on the left admin side bar, that there is a Flag icon to click on with your Pages Feed link.
  3. With the Pages Feed page now open, you will see in the bottom right hand of the right side bar, 14 mini icons of a random selection of your Like Pages. Click on the text link “See All” to open a separate window with a list of your Liked Pages.



  1. With the Liked Pages window now open, users can scroll through a list of their Liked Pages and begin to manage their list.
  2. By hovering over each Liked Pages’ down arrow, a drop down menu open with 3 different option: Get Notifications, Add to Interest List and Unlike.
  3. Users can manage how they want to Get Notifications in their News Feed, Unlike the Page or if they would like to organize a Page into a group List of similar Pages, they can click on the Add to Interest List. This is one of my favorite options.



  1. Once the Add to Interest List option is clicked, another window opens with either a list of your current Interest’s List or if you do not have a listed started yet, the option to create a New List.
  2. When you create a New List, your Lists will show up on your Home page left side bar. The same area you found the initial Pages Feed. You can now access any of your Lists via your Home page admin area anytime you like so you can see all of your Liked Pages in either specific groups you have created or by using the default Pages Feed if you want to see all of the Pages together.


Share this tutorial with your Fans so you can help them to see more of YOUR great posts as well as better organize their own Pages Feed!