Below are some questions you may have about our policies.

How are your prices determined?

We are here to create long-term relationships. Each website design or design project can span a matter of months as each person involved works with a variety of schedules, revisions, and content development deadlines. A typical single website design project can require over 80 hours of design and code work, not including time spent managing the project, discussing feedback, and educating clients.  We develop each project with patience and creativity using quality design elements and attention to project management details.

Allographics offers high-end creative services, and we work closely with you as your partner. Our prices reflect our dedication to our clients by respecting both their contribution to the process and schedules. By making our client’s success our priority, we put an emphasis on the cooperative partnership, team management, and its execution.

Why do we require deposits?

We require initial deposits and milestone deposits on large projects in order to secure our time and total attention to your project. We have found that the best client relationships are built with strong commitments to one another. We’re serious about doing right for you, and when we commit to a project we take that commitment seriously. Deposits cover initial project management setup, initial research development, and the initial design resource costs for your project. Milestone deposits provide a means to mange stages of a project and ensure that a timely process is met. This allows us to give your project our total focus to ensure the best possible product for you.

Do you do Spec-Work?

Spec-Work or Spec-Style Work is defined as producing work for a client or potential client with no guarantee that you will be compensated with payment or fair value payment, a practice that undervalues quality work and limits time that can be spent working on paid clients’ projects.

Typical spec-work may include contests for hire, bids, custom samples, pro-bono terms and referral/exposure compensation. Spec-style work may involve deep-discounted work or in-kind trade, or “friend” favors. Allographics does not participate in spec-work nor spec-style requests and we limit our charitable services to no more than one non-profit organization per year. This allows us to provide dedicated work to our paid clients with respect to our clients’ schedule, the project’s milestones and ours.

What are the Client’s Responsibilities?

We work very closely with our clients, and in turn rely on regular communication back and forth to keep work moving. So that each project receives the best attention to detail, we will require timely feedback and discussions throughout the process.

Content submissions, by the client, is a key component to several parts of a project. Before proceeding to the next phase of work, we establish content and feedback milestones so each part of the project is approved before moving forward. Any delay in response time and missing content, will hold a project up from completion.

Large design projects that encounter considerable delays on content submission, are subject to full project payment before a project’s progress is resumed. This ensures that all of our client’s set aside time and schedules are respected and met. New timelines and milestones that must be rescheduled due to delays can greatly impact other scheduled client projects. We work to avoid these scenarios.

Why do you use a Project Management System instead of only email for your communications?

The one things we have learned with our many years in business and use of different methods, is that the smoother and clearer the communications between Allographics and the client, the better the design experience and better results. By providing a one-stop-shop location to manage your project, we can keep everything in one place to avoid delays and loss in valuable work time.

We use a system that allows all team members to log into and see the project’s progress and all communications between one another. Our system uses your email so you get updates on To-Do tasks and reminders, you can see a visual calendar of milestones, upload your files and images for project storage and provide continuous feedback communication with the team.