Personal Branding for Today

Personal Branding Today

Just as social media and online marketing are important for your business, they are just as important for you and your personal brand. Today, many people are on multiple social media accounts and update them regularly. Since this is the growing trend, it’s important to translate what your goals are in real life to your online life.

Whether it’s your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, it’s important to have a consistent voice that is in tune with what you are trying to achieve. For instance, if you are a student studying business, it is important to follow business-related blogs and online accounts in order to stay aware as well as share this information with your followers. If you want to work in the music industry, having a clear knowledge about music and sharing this knowledge with others, online and in-person, is important.

The first step is knowing who you are and what you are really wanting. This can come through out research and even just having your own business and goals. Many students follow and update regularly about their internships and jobs just as many entrepreneurs do the same.

After figuring out what it is you want, the next step is to make this clear to those around you. Be sure to study up so when others are looking for specific information on a subject that you know a lot about, they know to go to you. Along with this step is working with others and discussing similar interests in order to grow and show your expertise.

The major rule is to be yourself while always being aware that what you say and post online will affect your personal brand. It is easy to look up people on Google and find out what they are posting, so be sure to stay consistent so that you are a person people and depend on with confidence.


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