Social Media Strategy Planning

We design a social branding strategy for your company that allows you hands on control of your brand. We sit down with you and your staff members that are in charge of your social media and we develop a course that fits your time, budget and goals.

Our team is trained in using a variety of online marketing tools that help manage, measure and implement your social branding plan. We design a plan to fit YOUR needs.

We offer two types of strategy planning:

    • One -Time 6 Month Strategy Plan
    • 12 Month Strategy Plan with Quarterly Consultation

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Oklahoma City

Lack the time or desire to consistently manage all of your social accounts? Let US build out a strategy AND implement the tools based on YOUR company’s needs, not a one size fits all auto-update approach.

What makes us different? We look at your overall marketing position then integrate your digital and  YOUR SOCIAL VOICE with LIVE upating!  Our content building and design team members create and post relevant content and visual marketing on your desired social accounts. We monitor and make needed adjustments each month based on measurements, graphic and visual marketing trends, new technology, your events as well as the information we receive during our monthly consulting sessions.

We utilize different management tools, visual marketing, social advertising, promotions, and contests combined with LIVE interaction with your following. We do not rely on one specific management tool to send out scheduled auto-updates. Instead we offer OUR customized process using a variety of tools, including each social channel’s own native posting tool, for a more personal one-on-one engagement with your audience.

Our goal is to build your following, increase your social traffic and interaction and ultimately increase your website traffic where you can convert leads into sales. Don’t be fooled into accepting social management that relies on bulk uploaded content and scheduled auto-updating with no LIVE engagement. Your social branding deserves a dedicated team of experts that understand  that your social media marketing requires true social engagement from both your audience and your administrators.

We work with the following social channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Blogs