Non-Profit Websites

Non Profit websites function similar to business websites and share many of the same marketing challenges and site features. However, due to usual tight budgets, the thank you note for every languagecause and need for donations and volunteers, a Non Profit website needs to reach out to the public and invite people in to the site and promote their platform with interaction.

  • Donations

    • In order for a Non Profit Organization to exist, they need donations. A website makes this an easy and convenient method to help grow donations. A donate request must be immediately visible and the process streamlined without complicated account setup.
  • Immediate Known Cause

    • The platform or cause for the organization should be clear and upfront so visitors, volunteers and sponsors understand the reason for its existence. It is important that the organization’s mission and mission statement be presented, and that there is plenty of content to describe the organization’s projects.
    • Images and videos should be used within the content and the site’s layoutshoulg be smooth and organized from the beginning. If the layout thought process has not been planned from the beginning, adding features at a later date will make the site look chaotic and lessen the organization’s credibility.
  • Offer News Updates in the Form of a Blog

    • Setting up your News and updates can offer a convenient way to archive and organize topics. Having a blog on a website is great Search Engine Optimization and the ease of the blog as a news reel can help spread the news much faster.
    • Blog style News Announcements also permit interaction from your visitors, sponsors and volunteers. Such interactions keep your site and cause more visible on the Internet and encourages future donation and growth.
  • Offer Transparency

    • We enjoy knowing who is behind the action and providing a bio or profile of some of the key members and the board directors involved in the organization helps visitors connect.
    • Provide pictures of the facility, projects, volunteer campaigns and other activities to help establish a visual relationship.
  • Offer Your Organization to the Media

    • The media can help a Non Profit Organization and bring attention to the cause. Be sure the media can easily find contact information of key personnel. Have a media kit available, preferably as a download along with email addresses.
    •  Provide testimonials, quotes and other materials  the media may use quickly and without further permission without having to wait for a response.
  • Be Volunteer Friendly

    • If your organization wants volunteers, then be sure the site makes it easy for them to find the necessary information and how to contact personnel. Having multiple methods of contact like an email address, phone number, or contact form so volunteers have an easier time in contacting you.


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Karen Mersman
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