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What’s NEW About WordPress Benny 4.0?

Named after another Jazz Musician, Benny Goodman, the “King of Swing”, WordPress Benny 4.0 concentrates on making the visual editing experience more user friendly.

This particular update offers an easy to navigate grid format for the media library, better editing features and a new simplifier way to reach your plugins and widgets. This may not be a BIG update change as we rolled over from 3.9 to 4.0, but for many of us that have had issues with the 3.0 series of media and image library functions, appreciate this wonderful update!


Should I Update Now, or Wait?

Often times you may see people wanting to wait to update their WP theme upgrades so the bugs and kinks can be worked out. We have updated many of our sites for clients without issues or plugin compatibility. This does not mean that you should ignore cautionary measures and immediately click on the update button.

Be sure to backup your site first, update to WordPress 4.0, then backup once more before updating any of your plugins. Once you have the latest backup of the 4.0 site, you can update your plugins one by one if you wish to make sure you do not experience issues with plugin compatibility.


Want To Learn More About WordPress Benny 4.0?

Watch the short WordPress Video below and then checkout the great Infographic by Cloudways below!


Infographic Courtesy of Cloudways