NEW Facebook Premium Ads Format!

Oklahoma Social MediaForget about Timeline for Pages…what about a NEW Premium Facebook Ads format!?

If you are looking for more control of your ads…directly from your Fan Page…you may like the new format that is likely to be announced February 29th at the Facebook Marketing Conference, FMC.

But here is an interesting point for Facebook marketers to note…..word is the classic ad format will begin phase out on February 29th also. This means it is important stay up to date to the latest changes and the best way to use the NEW Premium format so you can adjust your campaigns.

I personally will be looking forward to the new ability to take any post from your Fan Page and create an ad from it. Just imagine….any post…a video, link, question, update or photo can be turned into an ad easily from your Page.

However…will this increase the number of ads (most definitely) we are going to be bombarded with and how well will this go over with users. Marketers may like it…but how about regular Facebook users that are not into the marketing level of Facebook?

Take sneak peak below at what Peter Corbett, of iStrategyLabs, has to share about the new Ad format changes.