NEW Facebook Business Pages

Another year, and another DESIGN! Facebook is rolling out a new Business Page layout!


Just a week after announcing a the new NEWS feed layout, Facebook informs users that the Business Page design will be updated too. What is most noticeable is that what we often times refer to as Fan Pages, will now look just like our personal Timeline profile pages. Test drive the new look: NEW Facebook For Business Timeline

Gone are the 4 image tabs below the cover page, replaced by the More drop down arrow, and moved over to the left sidebar. In addition, your photos and videos now get prominent placement!  Users will experience a single column of wall updates, and the left sidebar will be the new home of more information about the page and/or business like hours of operation, a map and any ads you are running.

Admins will now have advanced metrics to follow in the form of Pages to Watch, which will provide top level information about competitor’s pages you chose to monitor. This could provide another way to gauge your own page activity and reach success.

Pages to Watch Facebook