What are Marketing Collateral Pieces?brandingmarketing

Your Marketing Collateral would include your general visual communications and print materials that showcase your services or products:

  • logo
  • business cards
  • post cards
  • brochures
  • invoices
  • sales sheets
  • stationary

Digital Marketing Collateral that also showcase your services and products include:

  • emails
  • email campaigns
  • social networks
  • banners
  • advertisements
  • website
  • blog

Your goal is to make sure all your Marketing Collaterol is consistent and that is tells the same story and presents your business image accross all materials. There are basic elements that you will want to review as you develop your brand’s image and voice as you create your Marketing Collaterol.

  • Visual  Communication- Graphic style.
  • Message – Clear information  and on how it is communicated. This in includes your voice online and offline.
  • Services & Products – How you develop and present your services and products greatly influences your brand identity.
  • Interaction & Experience – What does the customer walk away with before, during and after all interactions.



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