Why Landing Pages Are Good Businesslandngpage

When it comes to web design and lead generation single page websites, called landing pages, are one of the best resources on the internet for building leads. Typically, a landing page or squeeze page is single website limited to a single offer that prompts you to purchase, join or download a service or product. This is usually done with some type of Call To Action or CTA, like a form or button to a sign up location.

Because landing pages keep the visitor on that one page without the distraction of surfing other page links found in a typical full website, they tend to increase sales. Not all visitors are ready to purchase the first time they visit a landing page, but since it is great for lead capturing, the landing page allows you to nurture your visitors and offer other services that fill your lead funnel. Using other channels like emails, social media and video marketing, you can expand your marketing reach to drive people to your website and landing page.

The web design of a landing page is kept simple with a few graphics if desired, mostly encouraging visitors to take action or help visual what service or product is being promoted. Since these are quite simple websites, the most successful online strategy includes several landing pages for one company.

Simple Features of a Landing Page

  • One Scrolling Column With Top Compelling Tittle
  • List of Strong Benefits
  • Optional Video or Graphic
  • Bullet Point Features
  • Testimonials
  • Social Proof
  • A Form or Call To Action

Ultimately, the more landing pages you create on the internet, the more leads you can generate. The most success comes from businesses that increase their landing pages to 10-15 with a 55% increase in leads. The more leads you can fill into your funnel, the more chances you have to close a sale.