How Does Visual Marketing Help Your Business?

Visual Marketing spans into nearly every portion of your business’ communication and advertising and is the front runner to your strategy and plan to branding your business image. In order for your company to be heard, it must also be seen…and seen a lot as well as remembered. As visual creatures, we are attracted to images that help us remember information and therefore the branding of your company’s public image is crucial to building awareness of your service and product. Your visual marketing may include your logo, website, blog, online advertisement, banner ads, print material, magazine or newsprint ads, TV, webinars, and online short videos…nearly any medium your customers can see whether online or traditional.

A business should approach their Visual Marketing with a design plan and strategy. Often times this includes understanding your business’ own target audience and demographics so that the visual design work meets your audience’s interests. If your target audience is 13-18 year olds , the visual graphics, and even choice of lettering (fonts) may want to be hip, cool and fresh compared to a traditional feel of an older demographic. Once you have established your target audience, a plan must also be in place to determine where you will market and how you will want to use the different mediums available. Your visual message may need to be adjusted depending on the marketing realm you would like to focus on. Online marketing like a website or the use of Social Media outlets may require a new approach compared to traditional print ads.

Full Circle Design and Marketing is an approach to maintain consistency in your image across all marketing mediums. Older established businesses that opened prior to the computer age and Internet, may wish to make an adjustment to the new online mediums requiring a slight change in their traditional look. Although it is not recommended to change a logo, sometimes just the colors, or the graphics surrounding a logo can be updated for  a newer fresher look if a business is transitioning to an online medium. Working directly with a graphic designer or visual marketer can help your business have a clearer plan to a marketing strategy and consistency in your visual marketing on a variety of mediums.

Ultimately a business wants to use appealing visual graphics to keep their message in the public eye and stand out from their competition. Visual marketing helps to bring the business’ image and look together as well as help improve traffic to a website or other marketing mediums including your store front and business location.