How Can You Improve Your Social Branding?

Allographics & Design Social BrandingFirst, you may be asking what is Social Branding to begin with? Simply, it is the process and action a business or person takes to bring awareness to their brand using many online and social networking tools along with face to face networking.

Often times this involves combining (Guerrilla Marketing) your website, blog, community forums, social networking sites (Facebook), micro blogging (Twitter), online media (YouTube) and creating an experience with social interaction.

So now that we have defined Social Branding, how can you improve your social branding? Here are 5 techniques to jump start and improve your Social Branding!

  • Be Unique: It may take a little bit of thought…but believe it or not, every business and brand has the opportunity to be itself. The key is learning how to recognize what can set you apart from your competition and then doing something about it in a fun way! Action!!
  • Be Yourself: Yes, you want to tell everyone about your business and your brand, but using social tools calls for a fun relaxed approach that allows you to be human and not a machine. Share your personality in your communication.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: It’s still alive and well, we’ve now evolved it to include so many new online tools and mediums. Be sure to learn how to combine a variety of online and social networking tools and which one work best for your experience, time, message.
  • Be Consistent: You cannot bring awareness to your brand if you are not sharing it and experiencing it yourself. Did you know it can take 6-7 “brand touches” before someone will remember your brand? An occasional update will not bring attention to your brand.
  • Be Engaging: Create interaction that speaks the language of your audience. Sometimes it’s not what YOU want to share, but your audience wants to learn more about. Find that stickiness factor that keeps the questions and interaction flowing.

Allographics & Design specializes in web, graphic and social media design and consulting. If you would like to learn how we can strengthen your online branding and marketing or to book a workshop to better understand the major social media tools available for your business, contact us for more information.

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