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Hot Mamas Run September 30th

Oklahoma Hot Mamas Run

Pull Out The Running Shoes – It’s The Hot Mamas Run!

Hot Mamas RunSo after several weeks of “staying-off” the foot so it can heel from an injury, it is time to put my new walking shoes to work. It’s 10 weeks out to the Hot Mamas Run in Edmond Oklahoma, the first Women’s Only 5K in Oklahoma and I am ready to put foot to asphalt, who’s with me? Have you registered yet to get out and strut your stuff?

The run, to be held on Sunday, September 30 at 2PM at Mitch Park, Edmond OK, is not just a 5K, but there is also a Baby Parade so Mamas can get their little one’s involved and also Rock the Bump with Mamas showing off their painted bellies. The parade will also sport a decor and costume contest so let’s have some fun!

So what about the guys? Just because the event is for women only, doesn’t mean the guys cannot help and get involved. The HotMamasRun needs volunteers and sponsors, so if you want to get out and support your women, local community and be involved, contact the organizers and throw your hat into helping with poster hanging and race day setups.

In the meantime, if you are needing a little motivation to get your self up off the couch, consider doing a Couch 2-5K program to prepare for the run. There are many apps on the market some customizable and others with a set 9 week schedule. Another fun app that also let’s you post to your Facebook account and keep you on track as others root you on is Run Keeper. I love this app since I can walk while the GPS monitors my route and you can enter in others in your group or neighborhood for moral support.

Hot Mamas Run