Helpful Twitter Definitions/Resource For Newbies

Jumping On The Twitter Buzz Wagon

Twitter is one of those Social Media utilities that has some people trying to get their heads around its concept. Many understand that it’s a HUGE open chat room…but why…and for businesses…why would I want to be a part of it?

We have been using Twitter since its 2007 debut, and at first…it was used mainly as an open fun social place to “meet” with other tweeps and share some information about our business. But as time rushed on by, the idea to use Twitter for more than socializing personally took shape and every marketing “nut” and guru started using it solely to heavily push and promote. Not that this is not still done today, but it just didn’t take long for many to take advantage of this new platform.

But for the more casual user and small businesses wanting to use it for social sharing and relationship building, it’s still an overwhelming tool with it’s own language and confusing unwritten rules. How does one use Twitter for their business without being pushy?

To help begin the unraveling of the Twitter Universe (Twitterverse), let’s present a few helpful definitions. May I also highly  recommend as a Newbie, getting yourself a copy of Tweet This! Twitter For Business by Jessica Miller-Merrell, our very own Oklahoma HR Social Expert. This is a great resource book on better understanding what Twitter is and how to use it for your business.

Twitter Definitions:

  • Tweet – 140 character or less message
  • Retweet – re posted tweet
  • DM – direct message a user
  • CT – cut tweet, shortened RT
  • @username – someone’s user id and how you address them
  • Follow – sign up for users twitter feed
  • Timeline – list of tweets from users you follow
  • #hashtag – way to group or track a topic, trend or conversation
  • #ff – follow friday

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