Have You Created A Social Media Strategy Plan?

Social Media Strategy PlanningOoo…I hope I didn’t scare you with that word…STRATEGY, right! Or maybe I confused you…”I’m suppose to have a social media strategy plan?” Have you been out on Facebook and/or Twitter using the tools yet starting to feel overwhelmed, arms flaying all over the place, feeling you have no direction? You were told “you have to be on Facebook” and now “open a Twitter account” but wait, don’t forget to blog, record a video, and by all means be consistent…and so on.

Right? You’ve probably even heard me say some of the same things…but I also like to follow up with a very important statement…so long as it works for your business. But how do you know if it may work for your business? You may not at first and even with a plan, trial and error may show you that you may want to adjust things. That’s OK. Plans are meant to adjust and bend with you.

The point and goal, is to have a plan to begin with and lessen the chaos, give direction and help Social Media Strategy Planningmeasure your results. You don’t know where you are if you have not figured out where you started and where you are going. PLUS…your strategy is what will also help define your Branding. A successful strategy plan will create a strong brand for your business!

So how does one begin to setup a strategy. To be honest…it actually should follow a larger plan. See, you want to understand your business first. No, not what your business is, but a business plan. Then your business plan should include a MARKETING plan.

Your MARKETING plan should include a basic Online Marketing Plan combined with your Social Media Plan. See, social media is really and extension of your overall online marketing and they work hand in hand with one another. So, really, your Social Media Plan will really be your Online Marketing Plan which falls alongside your overall Marketing Plan.

If you have not consulted with a Marketing Agency, we highly recommend that you do. You will want to learn more about your overall marketing needs, direction, and market research and have a clear direction you would like to move in. Once you have these basics and you have decided that YES,you want to include online marketing, then it is time to create a specific online strategy.

Social Media Strategy PlanningYour Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing Plan will consist of your Strategy. It will follow the same concepts as your over all Marketing Plan, but geared to the online world instead. Since technology is constantly changing, we do highly recommend that work with companies that specialize in online technology like web development, social media and online management for your online marketing and strategy planning. Online specialists stay up to date with the latest changes in a fast pace world, and understand the ins and outs of the online community, how to integrate social media with other online resources and New Media. They know what to suggest as the best options for your goals and objectives.

So we finally come to the point of the blog. How do you create a strategy? The concept is still the same…goals, objectives and tactics. However, you will have specific goals and objectives for your online marketing and social media followed with tactics and our recommendation a calendar to work those tactics. Yup, you “heard” me right. I am recommending a calendar and scheduling your online activities, maybe even around your traditional actions like attending networking events and meetings.

Online and social media marketing requires dedication and time commitment on a consistent basis in order for it to be successful. Planning out your time will help you keep yourself on track so you do not find yourself wasting time “surfing” the net instead.

If you discover that you are in need of better understanding the available tools that best fit your business for online and social media marketing, again…we recommend working with experts in the field of online technology, web development, social media and online marketing. Chose a company that has been using and strategizing for clients for many years, having learned what does and doesn’t work best for certain situations.

Remember, no matter how young, cool, and hip the New Media crowd may be, if you do not have the experts behind you with the knowledge and experience to help put that strategy in place for you, will end up with those arms flaying around still until you get tired and potentially give up…and we do not want to see that happen to your business! :)

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