Google’s NEW Exact Match Domain Penalty

Are You At Risk: Exact Match Domain Penalty?

Actually the question is whether the exact match domain penalty (EMD) is really a penalty orGoogle Search Engine Optimization Exact Match Domain some type of filter that gives more relevance to content and if your Brand is at risk if you concentrated on a keyword brand or phrase in your domain name.

Google is always making updates and changes to their algorithms, something very difficult for marketers to try and keep up with, yet it should be noted…this is how technology works and a topic that has been on the lips of many online specialists for years. Should you put so much effort into those keywords or build a quality brand and content instead?

Nothing is ever permanent and changes can be good, especially if it helps to weed out those spammy low quality websites in your searches. The issue of using keywords and keywords with hyphens in one’s domain in hopes of boosting SEO has been an issue for quite some time.

According to Google’s own information, an update or change to it’s algorithms as they work to better search engine optimization techniques, makes the searching world better with more relevant results. Over the years we have seen many of these changes, particularly to keywords, keyword spamming and keyword cramming in which less effort is put on a site’s actual content. There is nothing like doing a search and getting pages of crud sites when you are looking for quality information. So regular updates are necessary for better search results.

If you consider Google’s own Webmaster Guidlines, a penalty is issued when a website is violating the guidelines and are enacted swiftly. The latest exact match domain “penalty” seems to be a bit confusing since it may have targeted a specific set of practices (hyphenating domain/sub-domain urls) used by many affiliate marketers which looks like a penalty, yet left other types of sites untouched. This likely is still only an update, but comes across as a penalty when many similar sites are experiencing a reduction in traffic and their page ranking.

Recovery? How can you recover from the EMD “penalty”?

The key is to concentrate on your content and your brand, not keywords. Another recent update from Google has been over optimizing your site and content with keywords. Change your strategy and concentrate on quality content instead. Some guidelines on how to boost your site are listed below.

  • Remove duplicate pages of content
  • Rethink your BRAND…stay away from Keywords as your Brand
  • Update your website/blog with fresh content regularly
  • Build your brand off-line
  • Consolidate your numerous tight niche sites onto one strong content relevant site
  • Increase your social media optimisation and social content linked to your site
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Create a user friendly website easy to navigate with minimal clicks
  • Strong content and headers should be above the fold. Push ads and lesser quality content below the fold
  • Conduct a 301 redirect for pages you believe have been affected by the recent changes

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