Fanpage Friday Fun!

Happy Fanpage Friday

It’s all about joining the party to engage and network! Tag your page, post your website’s link, tell us about your business. We want you to share and meet others that may be interested in what you do!

How To Host Your Own Fanpage Friday Party

Anyone can host a Fanpage Friday event and party. It helps to be part of the community to bring people to your page and party. You want engagement, so take the time to checkout other parties before you jump in head first. This will allow you time to see how you would like to host your event. Since visuals really enhance your social marketing, take the time to also create eye catching graphics to help promote your party.

Does Hosting A Party Help Your Social Marketing?

Lets face it. Hosting and participating in a Fanpage Friday party is not a complex strategy and some do look at it as gaming the system. But the reason many enjoy it is that by providing an official platform for your followers to engage, you can help to alleviate spam posts throughout the week from uninvited posters. I enjoy learning more about other businesses, but I want to control the whats, whens, and wheres. Hosting a party allows the page owner another way to engage with their community in sharing and networking while also keeping their wall clear of unwanted posts.

The next gain from hosting a Fanpage Friday event is you as the host may also gain followers that are interested in your page, business and posts. Many new followers that now know about the page, will return throughout the week to checkout other posts and engage. This can be a win-win for everyone if you also provide additional relevant information they are interested in seeing.

Facebook is always making changes to its algorithms. As some post types become less important for reach and engagement, others gain more. You will have to determine if your weekly event is helping to increase your numbers and if you like the engagement you receive. There are also those out there that frown upon the practice. My take on this is that as a business networking both in the digital and face-t0-face world, this is another way to be part of the community.