Fan Page Bootcamp

We are only 5 days away from Facebook switching ALL Business/Fan Pages over to the new layout platform. If you are an admin of a Fan Page and have not tried out the new layout, life on Facebook as you know it now…will be quite different.

Not only has the layout changed, but tabs no longer dominate the top and your Fan Page can now act as it’s own identity. What may seem very subtle in changes, has actually opened the door for a stronger marketing avenue for businesses…if one understands how to use these new changes…for the good of course. We will still get those annoying over the top spammers that try to take advantage of the new system…but wait…Facebook thought about that too!!!

So to help my fellow business owners have a better understanding of the NEW Fan Pages, Allographics & Design is conducting a short Bootcamp to cover some of these new changes…with a live visual presentation of a Fan Page. Our first workshop, March 22nd, sold out within 5 days, but we are still taking Waitlist registrations for the second event to be held in April.

If you would like to recieve first choice to regsiter for the April event, you must go to the current March 22nd Bootcamp event registration to sign up on the wait list. We will email everyone on the Waitlist with a special private link to register for April before we switch the event open to the public.

March 22nd, 2011 Fan Page Bootcamp