Facebook’s Convenient Advertising Grid Tool

If you are like me, you have created a boosted Facebook post or ad, forgetting about the 20% rule for Facebook advertising and have it rejected due to too much text. Well, Facebook made it just a little easier to measure the 20% text on your ad with in interactive Grid Tool.


Although the grid tool is setup with 25 rectangular boxes your text will likely not fit exactly into the boxes shown. But it does give you an idea if you are within the 20% ballpark…give or take empty box space. Ideally if Facebook made the boxes smaller, using 50 or 75 squares instead, it would be more accurate, but we will take this tool for now. We can hope that they will update the tool for smaller boxes in the near future.

If you need more information on Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines, be sure to read the information in advance to save you time and headaches of redoing the graphics.