Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages?

Facebook Timeline Brand Pages Cover PagesSo as Facebook announces the over due public release of Timeline to personal accounts, the buzz is already starting about a Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages (Business/Fan Pages). Business Insider

What will this mean for Fan Pages? We really do not know. We will have to wait for the anticipated February 29th, FMC Facebook Marketing Conference to see what is in store.

BUT…in the meantime…some questions are going to come up as all of us speculate on the future of the current Fan Page layouts, especially following a major change only just made in early 2011. Here are a few questions many of us may ask:

  • Will the 5 photo strip images be replaced by the large Facebook Cover? Surely this will happen, right? So much for the left side tower, but this will be much better for branding.
  • How will designers and developers adjust to the new branding source. Not knowing the state of the changes…this will leave many scratching their heads wondering about the many apps developed for Brand Pages.
  • What about custom landing tab pages? Since many developers and businesses count on these apps, it would only make sense that Facebook would continue supporting these features since they brought the iframe programs back. But that logic may not apply…we are talking about Facebook.
  • How will the two column layout enhance branding for businesses? Will the About area replace an Info page with optimized content?
  • How and where will Facebook provide the convenient left side navigation? Will it be located in a prominent location at the top of the page similar to the current About area on personal profiles? This may be a good thing…always preferred the old “Tabs” located on the top of the page myself.
  • Will “likes” “talking about this” and “reaches” still be included on the Brand Pages? I can’t imagine Facebook not continuing this with all the major changes to the Insights metrics….but how will it look?

No doubt all these questions and so many more will be answered over the next coming weeks as news spreads. I for one am excited since I always felt the Timeline setup was better suited to Brand Pages, but it will be interesting to see how Facebook users will adjust considering the numerous complaints made with the Activities feed and Facebook Timeline for personal profiles.

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