Facebook Nearing 600 Million Users

….and why do I believe Facebook is a great platform to help grow your business presence on the Internet and reach your target audience?

It’s about the numbers and Facebook’s platform!

Facebook’s platform, that allows users to create Profiles where one can list their interests, age, schooling, marital status and so forth, is fine tuned with demographics that target your audience beyond Google’s current advertising platform. It’s a power house of information for funneling down to your specific clientele.

Now that Facebook, according to Hitwise,  has over taken Google as the most highly visited web page…small businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to work the social networks unlike before.

However, I do remind my clients, just because you open an account and are on Facebook…don’t expect the referrals and leads to start jumping on board immediately. You must be active and interactive.

Using a combination of posts, interaction, relevant content, cross promotion and ad campaigns will boost that presence and eventually boost your exposure out on the larger search engines like Google and Yahoo. BUT…you must be active, consistent and plan out what tools you will use that best fit your marketing style and your business!

What I like about Facebook’s ability to help small businesses, is that you can reach users with a reasonable costs compared to traditional methods that often times are cost prohibitive to the small business owner.

Yes, setting up a Business or Fan Page is free, but it will still cost you in time and some monetary investment if you want to move to the next level and customize your look, message and start advertising. However, it is still a highly effective means of advertising, branding and promoting for small budsinesses wanting to stay within a strict marketing budget.

To better understand and visualize the strength of Facebook, take a look at the InfoGraphic (Information provide by onlineschools.org) Amelia Chen posted on her blog site that breaks down many of the demographics Facebook is capable of collecting.

Many are concerned about their privacy setting, and understandably one should always protect their information. However, Facebook does give all users the ability to control what information they would like available to the public.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook’s statistics and facts, be sure to visit their informational pages. Understanding how to use Facebook and all the tools available to your business, will help you have a clearer picture of how to plan your online marketing strategy and how Facebook can fit into that plan.