Facebook Launches NEW App Center!

Facebook App CenterWhere Did You Get That App?

It’s finally here….and gone are the days where you have to hunt through other fan pages to see what is being used. Once upon a time a long long time ago…Facebook had a directory of apps and then like many things with Facebook….it mysteriously…disappeared!

But rest assure Facebook users, Facebook Launches NEW App Center and we now have a beloved App Center to ease us into new and fun apps to bling out our pages and mobile devices!

The new App Center is a one-stop place for users to browse over 600 apps, including Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram, and many popular games such as Words With Friends. Even though many of these apps were available on Facebook already, this is a more central location with more information.

What is unique about the App Center is that its suggestions for each user are based upon what the user’s friends are using. Only high quality apps will be listed in the App Center based on user ratings and engagement.

The mobile App Center is a huge part of this development. Users can download apps that are compatible to their phone, straight from their Facebook app. Another feature is the app detailed page, which allows each app to have specific information about it, including images and important details.

The App Center is organized by “Web” or “Mobile” apps, as well as subjects, such as Games, Entertainment, Music, Sports, etc. Users can also look at the apps their friends request for them to join while in the App Center.

So go and check it out now so you can start building out your pages custom to your interests and expand your mobile experience!