Facebook Fatigue Got You Down?

Facebook Fatigue Localized StrategyAre you on Facebook and Twitter as often as you use to be when you first signed up? Did you jump on the bandwagon when the social media “craze” was peaking in 2010 and now you are less interested in updating due to so many options, tools, advise, apps, ads…and just plain too much information?

You keep hearing of the next latest and greatest and told you HAVE to be on it…but you cannot even keep up with what you are using now. Sounds like a strategy out of control.

TheNextWeb states that GlogalWebIndex (GWI), reports more and more people are disengaging and messaging less and less on Facebook, yet social networking overall is still increasing across the Internet as new tools and mediums are introduced. Who can keep up! One is bound to eventually become fatigued and just give up. How many Fan Pages sprang up in your local area that are “Ghost Towns” today? They are everywhere due to not knowing how you want to use that platform and failing to build a localized strategy.

What is a business to do? You want to stay in touch with the latest technology, keep your brand out in front of your audience….yet it can be overwhelming trying to maintain the ongoing relationships as well as keep up fresh content and value. You are feeling like your are spread too thin and haven’t any real direction.

As Paul Sawers states in TNW article, businesses need to concentrate on localizing their marketing strategies. Unless you are a HUGE well known National or International brand name with what may feel like an unlimited marketing budget and resources…trying to do it all is not going to work. Besides, those companies do not either. They also have a strategy and depending on what their campaign plans are, they decide what will work best to reach their audience before jumping in on every singe tool available nor sending out their marketing message to reach “EVERYONE”.

That’s exactly what your business should do too. We have always contended that your business, brand and name must have it’s own home base…a website/blog. By using this as your focal point, you want to build your online strategy out from there…and start localizing your efforts both with the tools AND your audience.

Who is your market and then segment on local demographics or criteria. You can grow outward from there, but knowing your local market, and what your campaign is all about will help you target that campaign much better so you are not throwing your message out to the wind on every single platform available on the Internet.

If it is determined that a Facebook Fan Page is helping to bring your brand to more eyes as well as traffic to your site, then concentrate on making that your strength. Maybe you want to take advantage of the new social search ability and have your brand on Google+ to help your social media marketing and search engine optimization.Social Strategy Planning

Maybe you want to optimize your website to be found better by certain groups…will you increase your blog content to include articles of interest for those groups and then share them on Twitter and Facebook? Do you plan on optimizing your site for searches so you are found for that particular market or demographic?

If LinkedIn is helping you to connect with more business professionals and you have valued content on your website to help nurture those contacts and build communication…then focus your energies with that platform. You can have multiple presence on the Internet, but you may not use all of those tools at the same time nor for the same localized function.

You’ve hear Keep It Simple? Well try Keep It Local and see if your efforts bring you a better return on your time and budget. The next greatest just may not be what your business needs, so some pre-planning and a strategy is key to learning how you can localize your online presence best.

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