Get Excited Over the NEW WordPress Facebook Plugin!

excited wordpress facebook pluginNEW WordPress Facebook Plugin, Grow Your Social Sharing!

It’s not everyday that I get pumped up over another WordPress plugin…but then not everyday does Facebook introduce a new WordPress Facebook Plugin that directly impacts my business and my clients at such a level.

Many of Facebook’s new features are good and even great…but as a WordPress web designer and social content branding business, many of those features are just part of the social landscape to me…until now!

There are two recent additions that Facebook has added to the social sharing universe. One is the scheduled post feature built right into Facebook’s status box. I have been waiting for this built in function for years and have wholeheartedly enjoyed using it over the past several weeks. Next is the NEW WordPress Facebook Plugin.

This NEW WordPressFacebook puglin is more stable and a better functioning 3rd party Facebook for WordPress application that cross promotes your content directly within WordPress. Because we specialize in WordPress and integrating client’s branding through the use of WP blogging and social media….the WordPress Facebook plugin is a wonderful addition to the plugin family and an added value to our client’s management.

Since WordPress is the #1 open source Content Management System used for websites and blogging, it’s a no brainer that Facebook is offering WP plugin support for this CMS platform. Over 16% of websites are on the WordPress platform, a system that works very will with Google and Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. Why not give the WP designer/developers a robust product  their clients can use for social sharing AND drive more traffic to their sites AND make their management easier!

First, one of the best parts of this new plugin, is its ease to setup without any code experience. However, if someone is not interested in setting up their own Facebook developer account, it is also simple for an existing developer to integrate with the client’s site and accounts. Some of the other great features of this new plugin:

  • Simple “Like” “Send” and ‘Subscribe” Buttons activated with one click. No coding required and customizable.
  • Recommendations Bar
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Commenting
  • Post WordPress blog posts to the authors Profile and/or Pages
  • Mention Friends and Pages to Profile and/or Pages
  • Open Graph Tab
  • Activity Feed, Recommendation Widget Boxes
  • “Like” “Send” and ‘Subscribe” Widget Buttons

The only downside of this new plugin, if one should find a downside, is that Facebook’s own discontinued 3rd Party App “Share” button located on a Facebook status update is non existent. Facebook removed the sharing ability on 3rd Party Apps several months ago and this now includes their own app/plugin.

Many other companies have created their own “Share” button that fans can click on in Facebook, but Facebook themselves did not include this in their own WordPress Facebook Plugin. Hopefully this is something they will add to a update soon as more people try out the program. It makes sense that if Facebook wants to offer this new social publishing application, they make sure more content can also be shared on their own networking platform using their own product.

To download the Facebook for WordPress plugin, just click.