Enough Already, with the Superhero Branding

Please! No More Superhero Generic Branding

I get it. You can jump to your customers’ needs in a single bound, close a deal faster than a speeding bullet, and you just may have super twin partnering powers. But seriously once you are back on earth and on the ground, what are your brand’s realistic qualities that make people want to come to YOU for your services and products, over your competition?

superhero branding

The whole superhero branding trend has really gotten out of hand. Imagery of a flying cape crusader ripping open the front of their shirt to reveal an overused, over-sized letter or a logo copied from another’s design is really not branding your business. It’s copying something that has been around for decades and is used over and over again by way too many not wanting to take the time to build a solid brand message. This trend weakens your message as “cliche” and uninspiring and is just way too easy to run with for one’s brand.

Many of the over the top qualities that a brand/personal brand lists as a superhero, are really standard expected qualities every customer is looking for when working with someone or a business. Chances are there are hundreds if not thousands mimicking the exact same taglines in your area or region without truly describing what makes them the premium choice over the competition. Why would any brand want to be like the others by overusing this imagery? Maybe because it looks cute and with a play on words, sounds clever, but in the long run it really is not YOU.

General superhero skills are not really what people are looking for in your services, especially when everyone expects a brand to do their best to go above and beyond typical expectations to begin with. Most consumers are wanting to understand the relationship and experience they will receive by working with your brand, that they cannot get from another business, even if it is not superhero out of this world, over the top different. Copying what others are doing it not setting your brand up to truly be different from anyone else in your industry. Analyzing what you authentically bring to the table that makes people want to work with you, without the need of a superhero status, is more realistic and provides that personal relationship quality many look for in doing business.

Now I know this may be offensive, since my viewpoint is a little harsh…but the reality is, if you have to copy and rephrase popular taglines and mimic decades old logos, your true brand has not been developed thoroughly. Instead, evaluating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the key to better understanding what you do for customers that your competition does not.

One’s USP is not necessarily about being better, going faster, offering cheaper prices, being open or available 24 hours and so on. It involves YOU and what YOU do differently that no one or no other business can do and what makes you unique. Working to develop your Unique Selling Proposition can be challenging at first once you get past the easy typical customer service list everyone touts. After you get that generic list out of the way, it’s time to analyze abstractly, what you offer so differently from others that can be symbolized in a variety of formats (Logo, tagline, pictures, marketing collateral, business model) and in a quality manner. This takes time…give it time. Don’t be so hasty to want to take the quick and easy road of copying another’s path.

So, please, I ask…stop with the generic superhero business branding. Understand that no matter how cute, fun and popular it looks it is not the best use for a long-term branding strategy that will stay the test of time and one you can build off of for years down the road.

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